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The Man

Avdhoot baba also known as Environment baba is a living legend. He believes in living a healthy, pure, and green life with a great mission to provide the world with a sustainable and eco-friendly environment. He aims at creating an environment free of all impurities, harmful bacteria and to enhance the quality of air.

At 20 years of age, guruji moved out of the caves of Himalaya as TapohPoot and reached Rishikesh for public welfare. There he did rigorous meditation for 15 years on the bank of the holy Ganga at BahattarSiddiGhaat.

Meanwhile, he never burnt fire to cook food, whatever he got with the grace of God he had to get over hunger. In this way, he was depended upon a handful of alms for many years. Gradually acquiring power after Tap Sadhana he reached Aghocharya Baba KinaramAsharam situated at Ramgarh in Varanasi. Baba Karam is considered a glorious saint in the Aghor cult. Karam Baba gave his blessing to Babaji.

Presently Shree Shree 1008 Anant VibhushitAvdhootGiriji Maharaj is an erudite scholar in Yagya karma. For the welfare of the world from the year 1988 from Rishikesh. Swami ArunGiri Ji Maharaj Proved his Fire for the interest and welfare of society. His only goal in social life is the welfare of all beings by means of Yagya. So far, many big Yagya has been conducted under his leadership. Many politicians and industry leaders have collaborated for their welfare and prosperity with Babaji. Numerous politicians have received the desired rank and renown by the guidance of Swami Arun Giriji Maharaj by the Purnahuti of RaajYagya. Many business leaders have achieved rich treasures in their blessings. But Swami Ji is detached from the materialistic world and continues his practice ofyagya in the country and abroad for the welfare of the society and in regard to the public interest. Vishnu is the format of Yagya( YagyoVe Vishnu ), adhering to this gnome of Upanishads he praises the Yagya sadhana as gold sparkles in the fire. He believes and has complete faith that by his philanthropic life he will surely benefit the world to some extent.


Mahamandleshwar Shree Shree 1008 Anant Shree Vibhushit Avdhoot Baba Arun Giri Ji Maharaj was born on 11th February 1959. When he was just one month old, he was sent to the Himalayan Sacred Taposthali to SadhanaaratAvdhootTarashankar ji for his upbringing.

At the age of 20, Guruji moved out of a Himalayan cave as “TapahPoot”(one who does penance). He settled in Rishikesh with the sole intention of public welfare. Guruji did rigorous meditation for 15 years at the bank of the holy Ganga at BahattarSeedhiGhaat. 

 Through years of tap sadhana (meditation and penance), he acquired knowledge and powers. He soon went to Aghocharya Baba KinaramAsharam situated at Ramgarh, Varanasi. Baba Karam is considered a famous saint in the Aghor cult. With the blessings & guidance from Kinaram Ashram, Guru ji assimilated many spiritual mysteries. 

Presently Shree Shree 1008 Anant VibhushitAvdhootGiriji Maharaj is an erudite scholar in Yagya karma. For the welfare of the world from the year 1988 from Rishikesh. Swami ArunGiri Ji Maharaj Proved his Fire for the interest and welfare of society. 


Being an Avdhoot, Guruji has received innumerable blessings and has shown us all the way to Mahayagyaswith the sole purpose of benefitting nature and holy Mother Earth.

Guru ji has conducted 81 Green Yagya in fabricated mobile Yagya van since August 2016 all over India. For this purpose, he embarked on a padayatra (traveled by foot) in 10 states from Vaishnodevi to Kanyakumari, completing a journey of 4500 Km in 6.5 months. In the words of Babaji, it his motive to save the environment which inspires him. 

Yagya are conducted at his ashram every day. These Yagyaplay a significant role in purifying the environment. Yagya also brings in positive energies and overtakes the negative ones.

Guru ji has taken a Sankalp (pledge) to influence people and motivate them to plant trees. He aims at planting 10 crores (100 million) trees, out of which 27 lakhs (2.7 million) saplings have already been planted during his padayatra.


|| Aano bhadra krtavo yantu vishwatah || 

Let noble thoughts come to me from all directions to save an environment and give a green life to all are the words of Baba ji so as to create a sustainable environment for the future generations.

Guruji has taken the pledge to save the environment and provide a human kinda place where we can live a healthy life. An environment that is safe, purified, and healthy with more greenery around so that the future generations can stay close to nature and reap its benefits to the fullest. 

The environment has always been an important concern for Guruji. To bring his motives into practice he has devoted 15 years of his life to yagya and the environment and continues to do so. Guruji is rigorously working to give a better world to mankind for a healthy and peaceful life. 

He is committed to performing the World Environment Protection, Havanaatmak Shiv-Shakti MahaYagya in 2021. This is the first time a large scale Yagya is to be performed with 1,00,008 kundis in which havan will be performed simultaneously. There will be over 1,50,000 Acharyas and Pandits from all the states of India who will conduct the havan in the presence of 4,00,000 couples as Yajmaans. A handful of soil from various countries will be brought in a golden pot at this mammoth gathering. This yagya will go on for six days. Offerings will be made for a purified and healthy environment, to assuage our ancestors, and to enhance the quality of air.

For this noble cause, Avdhoot baba and his followers are not only doing Yagya every day but are also encouraging people to plant trees. He wishes everyone should make an effort to plant a tree so that we can all create an environment free of impurities.


Shivangi Maa became the youngest Mahamandaleshwar, a coveted crown among seers, at the age of 21. A person called Mahamandaleshwar is elevated by his peers to the highest level of traditional, Hindu spiritual guardianship.

Born in Ujjain, Shivangi Maa received the title from the Panchdashanam Juna Akhara during the Allahabad Kumbh in 2013.

After completing a degree course in architecture from Mumbai, Shivangi adopted the path of religion as she was inclined towards the spiritual world since childhood. On completion of school studies, she chose architecture as her career. After studying architecture for about a year, her mind was attracted to saints ‘ life. She left her study and adopted the path of spirituality.

“Instincts remain with one even after rebirth and thirst to know supernatural knowledge about the soul made me renunciate (religious devotee who renounces earthly pleasures) the world is the belief of Devi maa.

Devi maa was just a month old when her mother took her for a holy dip in the Kshipra River here during Simhastha in 1992. According to her, her birth was the result of a lot of prayers from her parents before Mahakaleshwar.

It was in the year 2013 when Devi maa visited the Allahabad Kumbh her faith in dharma changed her mind. During that time pilot baba’s favored disciple Juana akhara appeared in the ashram of Mahabaleshwar Avdhoot baba Arun Giri Ji Maharaj. There she took shelter at the age of 20 in the ashram and began her journey.