Yagya is Life Life is Yagya


This is the slogan environment baba believes in and lives by it. He has been doing Vedic Yagya chanting mantras throughout his life for the purification of the environment. He and his followers make devotion and offerings to God to bless mankind with a green environment. Peace of mind, healthy air to breathe and a green environment pleasant to see and healthy to live is the Sankalp by the legend.

Yagya is the worship of God for a healthy and peaceful life. It is a practice where a sacred fire is invoked and it acts as a medium between the human realm and the unseen forces of the universe. Offerings are made into Yagya with the clear intention of what is desired and with the chanting of appropriate mantras, powers that can manifest those intentions are respectfully summoned.

Research has been conducted on the benefits of performing Yagya with the wood extracted from the mango tree, which is considered mandatory along with other ingredients like camphor, extracted butter (from cow milk), sesame seeds, etc.

Performing a Yagya as prescribed in the scriptures has several benefits

  • Kills harmful bacteria
  • Supports the water cycle & replenishes water bodies
  • Enhances oxygen levels
  •   The ash after the completion of the havan have anti-fungal qualities and improves soil fertility


Guruji has taken a pledge to save the environment and serve humanity.

Guruji is an environment lover and thus took a Sankalp to protect the environment. Being an Avdhoot, Guruji has received innumerable blessings and has paved the way for all of us into Mahayagyas that will surely benefit our holy Mother Earth. Guruji has conducted 81 Green Yagya in specially fabricated mobile Yagya van since August 2016 all over India. Every day Yagyas are conducted at his ashram. These Yagyas have a special role in purifying the environment.

Guruji knew as “ Environment Baba”. To protect the environment and make the earth greener Guru Ji influences people to plant trees and to achieve the target of  planting10 crore trees.

Apart from this, Guruji and his successors are highly devoted and putting great efforts to conduct World Environment Protection Havanaatmak Shiva-Shakti Mahayagya in 2021. By participating in this Mahayagya all those who have aligned shall also become benefactors of the multitude of blessings that shall be received.

Avdhoot Baba initiated a step for “Green Earth” and encouraged people to plant trees. He appeals to everyone to participate in the plantation drives enthusiastically